SAFETiCET™ SC-150, 1.5mm depth


SAFETiCET™ − Among the World’s Smallest Safety Lancets Safe. Single use. Contact-Activated.

SAFETiCET™ is a contact-activated safety lancet designed for capillary blood sampling. A safety lancet that finds the critical balance for functionality, compact and lightweight design as well as safety and patient comfort, it is currently one of the most convenient safety lancets in the market.

Easy and intuitive to use, the SAFETiCET™ is available in vibrant colours to bring fun and positivity to our end-users.

Based on a unique and patented Rotational Trigger Mechanism, the SAFETiCET™ ensures a consistent, controlled and almost painless blood sampling experience for the end-user. SAFETiCET™ has won the best product award for 4 consecutive years in the Unity Popular Choice Awards* in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.


other key features and benefits


Designed for one-time use only, the device cannot be rearmed for reuse, thus eliminating contamination risks.

Compact and lightweight

Weighing about 1.55g each, SAFETiCET™ is highly portable and can be applied anytime, anywhere.

Two-Step Activation

  • - No need for lancing device, pre-loading or pre-arming.
  • - To use, simply “Twist and Push”.
  • - Intuitive to use and therefore suitable for all ages.


Patented rotational mechanism minimises triggering force, sound and vibration, providing a less traumatic and less painful user experience.


  • - Gamma-sterilised.
  • - Automatic needle retraction system eliminates needle stick injuries.
  • - Device deactivates after one-time use.

Enhance your lifestyle with SAFETiCET™ and SAFETiHEEL™

With SAFETiCET™, You will experience:

  • Significant convenience

    when taking blood samples.

  • A gentle and almost painless

    blood sampling encounter. You will no longer fear needles and dare to test more often.

  • Reduced fear and anxiety

    as it’s simple and easy to use with a more user-friendly design, unlike other intimidating medical devices.

  • Peace of mind

    Need to check your blood sugar regularly while travelling? You no longer have to worry about misplacing your needle with this single-use disposable device.



Proven that most babies still sleep soundly while the blood test is being done!

Clients & Testimonials

We are proud to make a difference for diabetes patients.

  • “This miraculous lancet makes a painless prick to produce a tiny drop of blood sufficient for the blood sugar to be measured. They are easy to use, painless, and cheaper than similar products in the market.
    One small needle, one huge difference!”

    K H Sim, Retired Lawyer, Singapore

  • “I tried the lancets, and they were painless. An excellent sample of blood is obtained every time.

    When we start to run low in these in the office, we panic because we don’t want to go back to the old ways of testing Point of Care Glucose.”

    Timothy J. Gray, Senior Doctor, Author and Diabetes Educator


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